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Friday, 17 April 2009

Chilly-Garlic Chicken

  • Boneless chicken, 500gms.
  • A large Onion, finely cut
  • Finely chopped garlic, 2 Tbsp
  • 6 dry red chillies, each cut into two halves.
  • Finely cut green chillies.
  • Dark Soya Sauce
  • Corn flour - 2tsp
  • Flour -1tsp
  • Salt & sugar to taste
  • White pepper -1tsp
  • Black pepper -1tsp
  • Spring onion -finely cut
  • Any white oil -4tsp.

Marinate boneless chicken with soya sauce, salt, sugar, black and white pepper, 1tsp corn flour and 1tsp flour. Heat oil in a WOK. Fry the marinated chicken taking few pieces at a time till crispy. Keep aside. Using the same oil fry the garlic and the dry chillies and then add onion. Add soya sauce, corn flour and a little water. Finally add the fried chicken. Stir and garnish with finely cut spring onion and green chillies.

Serve HOT with fried rice.

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