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Saturday, 15 January 2011


Toor Dal (Biuli) [ from 100 gms of dal you can make 20 small VADA's]
DatePalm Jaggery (Khejurer Gur) [ for 20 VADAS  you need to use 50gms]
Saunf (Mouri)
Mustard Oil for frying


Soak the dal in water for overnight. Paste in mixie with adding water (not too much) into a smooth paste. Sprinkle saunf on the batter. Heat oil and deep fry 1tsp batter at a time to make the VADA. Fry till the VADA is golden brown in colour.
Meanwhile boil Khejurer gur and Sugar(1:1) in water to make the syrup (CHUSNEY). Immerse the hot VADAs into the syrup while hot.
Serve as a delicious snacks or simply as a dessert !!

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