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Thursday, 28 October 2010

Smoked Hilsa, as it is there in Telegraph Magazine GRAPHITI, October24, 2010

Few months ago i posted a recipe of SORSE EELISH as its is cooked in my house. On of my bolgger friends UshnishDa asked for the recipe of SMOKED HILSA. I have tasted smoked hilsa in ITC Sonar, Kolkata last year but i did not have the idea to cook. Fortunately i have seen this recipe as it is published in the food column of The Telegraph Sunday Magazine GRAPHITI (dated 24th October, 2010)  written by Rahul Verma. The Chef Mayank Kulshreshtha of ITC Sonar shared this authentic recipe of smoked hilsa with food journalist Rahul Verma of Graphiti.
I am sharing this recipe as it is told to Rahul Verma by the chef.

  •  Fillet the Hilsa Fish
  • Marinate with Kasundi(Mustard Paste), a smoked hickory flavoured liquor available in some stores, salt, pepper, lemon juice, mustard oil and some tabasco sauce.
  • Leave the marinated fillet overnight in a cool place.
  • Smoke it in a pan in a smoking chamber and debone.
  • The sauce is prepared by reducing the liquid left in the pan with tomato juice.
  • Serve the smoked hilsa with a salad of Arugula leaves tossed in extra virgin olive oil and the smoked sauce.

Hope my Blogger friend Ushnish Da will like it!!!


Ushnish Ghosh said...

Dear Indira
I am honored, you still remember that I wanted to make smoked hilsa.
The recipe looks great...but my main concern remains , how to develop an workable recipe. Let me try to work out a theoretical one.send it to you for your approval ha ha ! In the mean time if you make it, nothing like that. I have stocked enough good Ilish in deep fridge. I am going out and will be back in a week, and smoked Ilish na khey chhaDbo na...
Bhalo theko

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