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Thursday, 9 July 2009

wonton soup

  • stock made from chicken broth
  • finely chopped carrot and cabbage
  • finely chopped spring onions and capsicum
  • finely chopped garlic and green chillies
  • shrimp/shredded chicken (if required, you can keep it purely veg too)
  • flour, seived with hot water, a pinch of salt, and a little refined oil
  • butter
  • tomato/chilli sauce

  1. making the wanton: Add a pinch of salt, and mix the carrot, the cabbage, the garlic, the spring onion, the capsicum, the green chillies. Make small balls from the flour dough, flatten with a roller and and fill them with this mixture. Wrap these up to form "wonton balls".
  2. Bring the stock to boil, and add salt, black pepper, and butter. Slowly add the wonton balls. Do NOT stir. Boil for 15 minutes.
  3. Serve hot with ... anything ... goes as a starter. Just add some ketchup and/or chilli sauce.

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1 comment:

Babli said...

Chicken sweet and sour soup to baniyechhi tobe tomar ei preaparation ta ekdom notun type er, chicken wanton soup...Tomar theke onek notun notun ranna shikhte parchhi.